Wollaston Farm Public Meeting 22.03.16 Summary

Our March public meeting was well attended and we thank everyone who came out to have their say and show their support for the TRA.

Here are some of the main points of discussion:

  • The TRA will be writing to Dudley Council contractor Keepmoat regarding the new build site on Norfolk Road to express our disappointment with broken promises made to us about having something where the site office had been situated on the Kingsway as well as some other issues caused by the building works.
  • Signs to warn people of the fines that could be incurred if found fly tipping will be positioned around the flats on the Kingsway in order to discourage offenders.
  • Another Community Information Day will be taking place in August, with lots more stuff for kids – watch this space!
  • Speeding around the Kingsway and on the main road was discussed, as well as nuisance parking around the school. It was agreed that the Chairperson will bring up these issues at the next PACT (Police and Communities Together) meeting and encouraged anyone who could to attend also to show support for something to be done. – The next PACT meeting will be on Thursday 21st April 2016, 6pm-7pm at Stourbridge Library.
  • More bollards for the green by the shops are being looked into to stop people from parking there.
  • The road markings coming from Somerset Drive onto the Kingsway were also raised as a potential hazard as people aren’t giving way to people already coming round from Wentworth Road. Highways will be contacted for this to be reviewed to see if something can be done. If this doesn’t work, the TRA will look at other avenues.
  • People parking on corners around Somerset Drive and Eggington Road was also raised as a hazard and it was suggested that double yellow lines be extended.
  • An opinion that green bin collections cease too early had been passed on to the relevant department in the council.

A walkabout will be held on Wednesday 18th May beginning on the corner of Kingsway & Norfolk Road at 10am – These involve a walk around the estate, noting issues.

Our next public meeting will be on Tuesday 12th July 2016 at St James School, The Kingsway from 7pm – we hope to see you there!


Wollaston Farm Grazing Land Improvement Project

Last night, members of the TRA walked the grazing land behind 210-248 The Kingsway to look over potential plans to make the land more rentable. The proposals include dividing the field into two and installing a water trough. Funding will be applied for in order for this work to be carried out.

The options will be discussed at our meeting on Tuesday 22nd March at St James’s School on the Kingsway, so please come along to view the proposals and have your say.

Here are some photos of the land that is being discussed:

20160317_181738 20160317_181756 20160317_182216 20160317_182220

We hope to see you on Tuesday!