Wollaston Farm Grazing Land Improvement Project

Last night, members of the TRA walked the grazing land behind 210-248 The Kingsway to look over potential plans to make the land more rentable. The proposals include dividing the field into two and installing a water trough. Funding will be applied for in order for this work to be carried out.

The options will be discussed at our meeting on Tuesday 22nd March at St James’s School on the Kingsway, so please come along to view the proposals and have your say.

Here are some photos of the land that is being discussed:

20160317_181738 20160317_181756 20160317_182216 20160317_182220

We hope to see you on Tuesday!


7 thoughts on “Wollaston Farm Grazing Land Improvement Project

      • I’ve called Dudley council and spoken to the lady who looks after the people on a waiting list, i asked if i could be put forward for this land and she said i was very low on the list even though I’ve been on the list for over 7 years so i’m a bit disappointed to hear that this land is deemed unrentable because know one will take it on because that’s not true I’ve asked to take it on and been refused ? it dose not make sense….


  1. What was the out come of this meeting and when will these field be avalible for rent ? I’ve been waiting a very long time and it would be helpful to know what’s happening with this land.



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